Marketing research using Big Data

Мы проводим комплексные исследования рынка, социальных сетей, эффективности рекламы, чтобы вы могли принимать решения с открытыми глазами Enquiry
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Creating business apps

Поможем принимать эффективные бизнес решения, с помощью информационно-аналитической поддержки Enquiry
IT Boutique

Project management

Поможем принимать эффективные бизнес решения, с помощью информационно-аналитической поддержки Enquiry
IT Boutique

Reporting and BI systems

Выстроим маркетинговую коммуникацию, с привлечением лидов, по заданным критериям Enquiry
IT Boutique

IT Consulting

Создадим сегмент вашей ЦА, для построения более эффективной маркетинговой коммуникации Enquiry
IT Boutique

Big Data analyses

Аналитические отчёты и наборы данных в разрезе продукта, региона, социальной группы, конкурента Enquiry
IT Boutique

Our services

Big Data analytics

Big Data analytics

Analytical reports and datasets in product, geography, social or competition perspective
IT consulting

IT consulting

Creating your target audience segment for effective marketing communications
Reporting systems and BI

Reporting systems and BI

Setting up marketing communications for leads acquisution based on target criteria
Market research

Market research

Analytical reports and data extracts in product, geography, social group or competitors perspective
Project management

Project management

Supporting business decisions making with help of analytics and information provision
Business apps development

Business apps development

Development of analytical and decision support systems for cusomers


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Development of a analytical system for EU consumer market

Development of a analytical system for EU consumer market EUROSTAT

Project consisting of technologies, statistics and numerous analysis and monitoring processes. One of the subject areas was non-ferrous consumption by industry for last 5 years

Research of Russian higher education institutions providing training in specific technology areas


The study consisted of complex analysys of universities training programs together with scientific and research activities their staff and post-graduate stidents. Based on the criteria top rated instututions in subject area training were selected

Subcription for regular market analyses

Subcription for regular market analyses MARRIOTT

Market analyses for Marriott hotels netowrk in EMEA and Pacific regions.

Our advantages


We have over 4500 hours of project works behind. Our team's members have more than 20 years experience in IT industry


Our client have spared more than $38.5M. We user a win-win strategy with our customers and hold adequate price tag. We seek long-term relationships


More than 100 loyal customers. Our innovative research techniques allow to get 100% reliable results fast without wasting valuable customer's resources

How do we work

Our approach is individual in each case. Here is one common example

You send us your inquiry with the contact form 1 Order
We evaluate your task and send you the proposal 3
You get a detailed analytical report on the research results and supplementary data acquired. 5
We contact you to discuss the details 2
After contract signature or pre-payment we perform the required marketing research 4

Markets we work with

Food and beverages
Construction and development
Internet and media
Finance and insurance


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Ralph Andersen Reuters

Journalist not only write and talk. We should and even must calculate and forecast. Reviews and statistics is just 1% of the job, that can’t be handled without professionals help. I’m not about journalists here. IT Boutique have created for us an analyticsl system that we use already several years.

Joseph Stiglitz Eurostat

IT Boutique team provided us with a data analysis platform and tools not available from other vendors. Neither in topics coverage nor in from mathematical calculus point of view.


As a merketing direcor of EMEA region I worked with ITBQ two years. It was intense and fruitful time and we have learned a lot together.


I believe that high  quality of service is the most important criterium of business.  We do measure quality in quantity characteristics and help to see a your business in digital form.

Our challenge and delight are non-standard and complex tasks, as we open to new knowledge and experience.


Nikolay Troitsky, CEO

IT Boutique Ltd. was founded in  2012 by a group of IT professionals.  Our emphasis is processing and analysis of Big Data, where we find use for our long industry experience, technologies and know-how.

Our mission is to provide customers with reliable and quality information and industries forecats for proper decision-making.   Thanks to our unique techniques we provide high quality results in reasonable time with reasoneble resources.



Russian Federation, 117042 Moscow, Plavskiy pr, 7, suite. 103

Phone number:

+7 (916) 492-63-81


How long does research take?

It generally depends on few things.
First and foremost, it depends on how well customer understands what questions he or she wants to answer. So it may take from few days to several weeks of interaction with the customer to determine exact project scope. The research itself, given all the questions are detailed and agreed, may take from week to 1,5 months. The more questions and their complexity, the longer it’s needed to conduct all the research.

Another service we offer is analytics by subscription. This means we monitor industry trends and news with required periodicity and send you briefs via email.

How can I see an example of what I get for my money?

We have examples of analytical report covering a number of industries and can provide you with evaluation upon request.
Also we can consult you on what information you do need to collect before enrollment into  research. This is free.

Why actually you?

We have broad industries insight and know where and how to search for information. We extensively use Big Data sources analysis to get reliable results faster and effectively.  Our purpose to give you result of true business value still spare your money and time.

How much does this all cost?

Send your research inquiry via the contact form on our site and we’ll contact you back with our estimations of cost and time needed.